Chateraise Singapore is a famous Japanese chain known for its delicious and fresh cakes and pastries. With high-quality ingredients, Chateraise Singapore is sure to impress customers with a variety of desserts. If you want to make a reservation here to enjoy the unique dining experience stay here. 

How to make a reservation At Chateraise SG?

Following are the steps on how to make a reservation at Chateraise Restaurant Singapore: 

Visit Chateraise Website

The best place to make a reservation at Chateraise Singapore is the official website. Here, you can look over the menu and select the cake or dessert that you want to buy. Click the “Reservation” button once you select your choice.

Add Reservation details

In the reservation details you have to select the time and date of your reservation, the location where you want to pick up your meal, and your contact information. You can also make any specific requests, like having a message written just for you on your cake.

Confirm and Review the Reservation

After adding all the reservation details you must review it to confirm that the information you entered is correct. Then click on “Confirm Reservation”.

Confirmation Email

Soon after making your reservation, you will get an email confirmation. Your entire reservation information, as well as a link to cancel or change it if necessary, will be included in this email.

Additional Information 

Here are important points you must read:

  • Reservations you make are only recommended for birthdays or some other special occasions.
  • Chateraise Singapore does not offer any online payment method so when you pick your order then you will pay.
  • Reservation can be made up to 30 days in advance.
  • In advance 24 hours you can cancel or modify your reservation.

Final Words

With a wide variety of delicious and fresh cakes and pastries made with high-quality ingredients, Chateraise Singapore is sure to impress even the most discerning palate. Make a reservation today and experience the magic for yourself.